Weissbart, Christoph

ifo Working Paper No. 270, 2018 | Information | PDF Download

There is a broad perception that the level playing field of the European Union is increasingly impacted by the interests of individual member states. This observation also holds true for the long-run development of electricity markets. In this paper, the author looks into the questions whether reaching a cost-efficient decarbonization path and accounting for fairness at the same time is possible and finds a clear trade-off.

Mathias Mier and Christoph Weissbart

 ifo Working Paper No. 284, 2018 | Information | PDF Download 

The ambitious decarbonization of electricity markets requires adjustments on both, the supply and the demand side of electricity markets. In this paper, the authors find that energy efficiency plays a minor role in reaching the long-run emission reduction targets when accounting for a rebound effect.

Georgios Savvidis, Kais Siala, Christoph Weissbart, Lukas Schmidt, Frieder Borggrefe, Subhash Kumar, Karen Pittel, Reinhard Madlener and Kai Hufendiek

 Energy Policy 125, 2019, 503–520 | Information 

With tightening climate and energy targets and further market integration of renewable energies, the translation of these targets into actual policy instruments becomes even more challenging. In this paper, the authors identify major characteristics of numerical models used for decision support and identify general features, where these models lag behind.
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